Digital Marketing Workshop for DMV Artists

Workshop Fee: $50 - Make payment today to secure your spot for the workshop.
Limited slots available. First come, first serve. Once payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation email.

Benefits of the Digital Marketing Workshop

There are many advantages of learning how to expand your digital presence. Doing so can help you reach more people, learn about your target audience, develop closer relationships with customers, create brand loyalty and involvement, publicize events, increase brand visibility, drive consumers and fans to your website, and help you promote new products, music, and services.

  • Target Your Audience: You will learn how to better reach your target demographic and connect with them in meaningful and effective ways. You will learn how to identify their wants and needs as consumers.
  • Communicate with Customers: At the heart of digital marketing is communication. Unlike traditional forms of marketing focusing on “one-way” communications, we will teach you how to develop “two-way” communication with your customers. This two-way communication will give you greater insight into customer perceptions, satisfaction, and needs.
  • Promote Brand Loyalty: We will teach you how to build a strong brand identity. The techniques we will cover will help you create fiercely loyal customers to your products and services.
  • Publicize Events: You will learn insights into event planning, marketing, and the execution of successful events in the digital age.
  • Increase Brand Visibility: We will discuss the importance of attention, and techniques proven to drive visibility to your brand. And then you will learn ways to capitalize off of that attention.
  • Drive Online Traffic: You will learn how to drive more traffic to your social media profiles, your music, website, youtube and every other digital platform you utilize. We have developed some of these techniques over years of successful trial and error and they are proven to provide results.
  • Networking: You will meet with the DMV LIFE staff and other influencers and discuss these digital marketing strategies and other topics that will assist you toward your goals.

  • This workshop is reserved for a group of no more than 12 people. We are keeping it intimate so we can tailor parts of the workshop to you and your specific goals. First come, first serve. As long as the paypal link is still listed above, there are still slot available for the workshop.
    Sign up today to secure your spot!

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