Evan Barlow

Evan Barlow


About Evan Barlow: Evan Barlow is a hip-hop and pop artist based in Richmond, Virginia. His highly attended showcase performances are extremely energetic as his catchy hooks and pop melodies compliment his fast-paced hip-hop verses. His songs speak about personal redemption and seeking a fulfilling life. His music is upbeat, dynamic, and high-energy. Stylistically, Evan has a fast-paced flow with a unique cadence and distinct rhymes that are adored by fans. Raised in Richmond, Virginia, Evan grew his inspiration from rap artists like Tupac Shakur and pop artists like Justin Timberlake, and his love and dedication of his art form has become his main focus.

When Evan Barlow is in the spotlight, he feels completely at home. The energy and talent that he expresses shows how passionate he is about his art. When Barlow is behind the microphone, he has a natural ability to to make crowds go crazy. He started his journey in high school doing talent shows, and then moved to local clubs, and now larger venues. Crowds love his performances, and Evan feeds off their energy to create a unique live experience.

Fueled by the difficult circumstances of his life, Evan Barlow draws his much of his inspiration from a time in his life where bad choices and toxic environments were the constants of his day to day life. After making the decision to get out of a life destined for the grave, Evan Barlow turned his life around and started down a road of redemption. His music tells the story of his old life, how he seeks to achieve his dreams, and the difficulties he faced during and after those times. While some of his songs can be serious and profound, Evan Barlow shows a diverse catalog of styles as he also delivers catchy pop melodies over feel-good beats about dancing and enjoying life.

Since the age of 11, when Evan Barlow was first exposed to hip-hop by hearing a 2-Pac album, Evan was hooked on music. Evan's father was a huge Elvis Presley fan. Everyday he would come home he would have the stereo blasting an Elvis song, hence the pop sound that evan puts off, and Evan would jump around with his piano guitar. Evan new at a very young age he would pursue a career in music. His father was also a very talented musician but could not pursue his dream because he was a father of two and needed to be home for them. Fighting to decide what the right decision was, Evan finally put in action to make his dream a reality.

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