About 3C: Coming from Forsyth, Georgia but now residing in Washington DC, 3C started spitting in middle school. He began developing techniques recording his music on cassette tapes. Once he got in high school he began battling other mc's. During this era he encountered the artist "Hurricane". The two used to battle back and forth because they both had similar deliveries on the mic. They were two of the best artists throughout the city so they decided to squad up, not only that they became best friends but they formed the group "Ghetto Criminals".

The journey had begun when they started performing shows throughout the middle region of Georgia. They also participated in 97.9's "Who got da flavor" (a radio show where mc's freestyle) despite the fact 3C was living in several different locations at the time. In 2007 he dropped his first album "Mind Killa". It really didn't receive alot of publicity but it got lot of recognition in the city. 3C didn't have alot of connections until he moved to Washington DC in 2008. Later in that year he dropped his second album "Psychoanalysis". Once again not much publicity due to the fact that he was still new to the city but he started attending open mics throughout the area. Meanwhile, back at home in Georgia he was still attempting to work on the Ghetto Criminal project. In 2009 he received some devastating news, his best friend and artist "Hurricane" had passed away due to medical conditions. Every since then 3C has been going harder than ever on a mission to be sure that his presence shall be known.

Not only is he's an artist but he's also a producer. Now that he has released his latest album "Adjustment Disorder", he has grown and received the proper publicity that he deserves from people internationally. He's finally unleashed his crunkness.

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