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Why is Michael Jordan considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time? Why is Rakim considered one of the greatest rappers of all time? Why are Alexander the great, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, and Shaka Zulu remembered as some of the greatest conquerors, military and political minds ever to walk the earth? Why are Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King Jr. remembered as some of the most influential, and greatest activists ever to live?

The reasons these people were able to achieve such greatness and height were simple... Hard Work, Sacrifice, Discipline, and Constant Improvement. Success and greatness are pretty simple in what they demand but those things they demand are where the hard part is. Itís not easy to stay inside and make a shit tone of beats so that you can get better and eventually get that placement or sale. Itís not easy to go to school for management and study the craft, and master it. Itís not easy to spend a majority of most days honing your vocals, songwriting, and so on so you can be a great artist. Itís not easy filling out a bunch of papers, finding trustworthy partners, investors and putting up your own money and taking risks so that you can start up your own label or music business.

All of these things are hard, and they require Hard Work. They require you to make sacrifices and to be disciplined. Sometimes youíll have to say no to that party, cause you have to stay inside and work on your website, or do some research or finish writing that song. Sometimes you have to say no to weed and alcohol for a few weeks, or those new shoes and that PS4 because you need to save up so you can copyright your songs, or buy that DAW and MPC, so you can make those beats. Sacrifice and discipline are an absolute must when it comes to succeeding in this business so these are habits you must develop.

The next big thing is Self-Improvement. You have to always keep your ego in check, you can never think that youíve made it and that you know everything and you canít get better. Trust me, the minute you start thinking like that is when you start declining. The music industry and life itself is always evolving, so if youíre not constantly improving and learning, youíre falling behind. Even someone like Kanye with his oversized ego knows to always stay on his toes or else he wouldnít be the legend he is today.

These are just some of the few aspects every great player of the game knows and does. Again they are not easy to do, and it takes time to learn them and make them habits, but they are a must if you want to achieve success. Think about it this way. The music industry is just another form of business and business and life are like gardens. The hard work, discipline and sacrifice you do today are like seeds that are being planted. The habits you develop are like the water that you use to water the seeds. You stay consistent and eventually those seeds are going to grow to a tall ass motherfucking tree, or whatever plant you personally fancy. What is that plant, that plant is your goal, your success!

Saying no to those shoes and party allowed you to save up enough money for beat making equipment or time to write that song and start that label (planting the seed). Those habits of working hard at your craft and staying consistent (watering the seeds) allowed you to make that hit song, or that beat that got you that placement, or start up that successful label, or get that engineering job (Plant grown). These things always follow this pattern, and if you stick to it and apply these habits in your music, art, business and life, you will attain all of your goals and desires!

Written by: Jean-Bernard Lauture

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