About Aytiem: A duel cassette tape player a Casio karaoke microphone three blank cassette tapes and vision. That's how Dante Anderson recorded his first song. Inspired by a childhood of greats such as Earth, Wind and Fire and Baby Face. This singer, song-writer, and lyricist started his love for music at an early age. "I think I was 15 when I recorded my first song. Flipping back and forth between 3 cassette tapes so I could layer my chorus and verses." Smile on his face as he recollects what he would call the birth of his music career. "My friends and family were amazed! Well so was I!" That was 1999, the spark that would mold itself into the melodic infamy that is "The" Aytiem.

A room full of composition books filled with poems and lyrics scattered over an art desk with "Tay Money " sketched all over it . This was where the ideas that the debut album, "Infinity" were built on! " Tay Money was me and still is. That's when making music was just a hobby, a skill I was honing for something much bigger!" "The name "Aytiem" was essentially a graduation from beginner to advanced".

From freestyle battles outside the cafeteria to handing out self proclaimed mixtapes in the mall, from hours in a hot booth to opening shows for big names such as Slim Thug, he has taken the time and put in the work to bring us genre crossing ballads. "Growing up over the years I've grown tired of the term "rapper", I call myself an artist and I want the work to see me in that light!" And in that light he takes the stage. To his loyal listeners and many fans he vows to let nothing stand in the way of his brush and canvas. "Music is my life, my passion, my first love! And I want the world to experience that with me! And maybe over time, they'll learn to love me !"

So ladies and gentlemen keep a look out for this beacon of light the Aytiem has landed.

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