Logic ft. C Dot Castro "Beggin" Lyrics

Item# beggin

"Beggin" Music Lyrics
[Verse 1 : Logic]
Yeah, yeah, yeah I'mma get it right now and never will I give up
Homie this is food for thought you better fill up
I'm coming in strong with a song for very long
So I gotta make you understand before the beat is gone
Homie you are not alone, we are in the zone
We are in the matrix full of that fake shit
Make you wanna grab the gat and go ape shit
Living in a world of lies I can't take it
Needed someone to save me, Needed someone to hug me
Needed a whole world but nobody would love me
'Had I learned from this that people wanna buck me
And I've learned from this, to put no one above me
I said I can't take it I know I'm gonna make it
I know I'm not normal but I gotta fake it
I swear I'm not cocky, I am just confident
That when I step On the stage I am dominant and now I am beggin

Beggin, Beggin You
Put yo' Loving Hand Out baby
Beggin, Beggin You
Put yo' Loving Hand Out Darling

[Verse 2 : C Dot Castro]
Sick of living in the dark so I'm begging for the light
Feeling like I'm in a fight every single time a write
Cus I gotta make sure that they hear me right
Told me that I couldn't do it so when I pick up the mic
I gotta kill it with something so real that when they hear it They can feel what's in my soul
Lyrical cocaine yeah homie I got a blow
But first they gotta know who I is
So I'm begging for recognition on the mission just to do it big
Cus I ain't new to this I'm true to this
Thinking I'mma stand up and roll out Homie that's ludacris
Not here to play no games, I'm here to stay and make a change
And mate your ways so I remain
I'm in the studio for days and days
Spittin' out these razorblades, don't wanna place no blame
But without you I couldn't get to where I'm headding
So to everybody I'm begging

Beggin, Beggin You
Put yo' Loving Hand Out baby
Beggin, Beggin You
Put yo' Loving Hand Out Darling

[Verse 3 : Logic]
Yeah , Yeah , I said this is my path don't mess with me
I didn't choose this life it was destiny
God tested me to find the best of me
And I know I'm going to make it even without a degree
Cus the test scores don't mean shit to me
And when you said that I would fail it didn't get to me
Now I'm begging, public masses, please
I'm way to proud to get down on my knees
But I'm begging, on another level
Fuck Illuminati that's word to the devil
Cus I am not about that I just wanna love
I just wanna grow, I just wanna learn
The pass and the verbs to write this music
I'm so late that I just might lose it
But don't ever confuse it, it's all so worth it
I just wanna help it but not hurt it
And as for my style I don't know how to word it
Why do you even have to catergorize me?
Fuckin' let em hate , let 'em all despise me
Cus I'm gonna take this, fill it up and make this
Something that the whole word cannot imagine
Let alone fathom I'm from another planet
I swear I'm not mathic, listen to me dammit
My future's in your hands and so I'm beggin

[Hook x2]
Beggin, Beggin You
Put yo' Loving Hand Out baby
Beggin, Beggin You
Put yo' Loving Hand Out Darling

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