Bernard Khari

Bernard Khari

About Bernard Khari: Bernard Khari, born Jean-Bernard Lauture, is a Hip-Hop Artist, record Producer, and Songwriter. Originally born in Haiti, he moved to Silver Spring, Maryland at the age of 7 and has lived there ever since.​

Khari first started rapping at the age of 15, but always kept his writing ability to himself. “I was writing throughout all of high school, but other than poetry club where I would recite my poems, I never told or let anybody know that I was interested in being a Hip-Hop artist,” he says. Khari’s style ranges from the socially conscious, conceptual, all the way to the downright ignorant and wild. Yet even when he becomes wild, it still has intelligence and direction behind it. “I want to present as much of the human experience and condition as I can in my music, from my own experience and observations of others, but also from what I read and what people tell me; I really want to put all of that in there in my raps and shit, so that like….people can hopefully either relate, or understand and become wiser and better, or just enjoy themselves.” “Like I really want my music to really be a guide or something that can hit people on a core level, human wise, much like the albums and books and art I’ve read, listened, or seen.”

Khari’s influences range from Nas, Biggie, and Madlib to Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. And these are just a few of his influences. His style definitely has room to grow and improve. Despite that though, Bernard Khari shows himself to be an artist with a lot of potential, potential to not only be a thriving artist in this game, but one that could very well one day prove a threat.

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