Bobby Swagg

Bobby Swagg

About Bobby Swagg: For Bobby Swagg, music has always been more than just lyrics intertwined with a beat. It was stories of unsung heroes like in 2pac’s “Dear Mama” and pleas for better days taken from “Change the World” by Bone Thugs –N–Harmony. For him, it also represented a release from feelings he bottled deep inside,feelings that he knew yearned to be free.

He soon realized his calling by putting pen to paper. Soon words that once lined the glossy pages of black and white composition books accompanied the stressed and unstressed beats of rhythm; and at the age of 8 the lyricist, Bobby Swagg, was born.

His ability to dissect songs continued to aid him as his music progressed. His theory on music from back in the day was that there was always an underlying meaning in every song, and if you slowed the beat down just enough to listen to and focus on the words, every track had a message. The beat was complementary, but the words were the heart.

Through hard-work and perseverance, Bobby Swagg began to see the fruits of his labor recognized in numerous ways. He has been ranked #1 in Rap and HipHop in the Washington, DC area on MySpace, and has done a number of performances and radio interviews throughout the area as well.

The defining moment came with the release of his first official mixtape "The Launch". His versatility and methodical approach has led him to write and co-produce head bangers like “Lose it” and modern-day ballads coupled with an old school feel, like “Love Letter”. His longevity is the result of his determination and his love of the art form that is music.

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