The Boy Blesst

The Boy Blesst

About The Boy Blesst: After years of hard work, the underdog finally has his day to shine! Crowned 2011 MC by Baltimore City Paper, Blesst has risen from obscurity to potential prominence. His 2010 highly touted project” Show-N-Prove” made him a household name from Atlanta back to his hometown of Baltimore, MD. And his 2011 “Lost Art” Series continued to show his consistency & versatility. Earning his respect one track at a time, the “Undeniable B-L-Eeez” has carved a lane of his own with a flow and train of thought that can be arguably compared to some of the greats from Nas to a modern day Big Daddy Kane, with the flare of a T.I.

According to the critics: “Quite simply, the sole reason we’re calling him the best is the only one that should matter: the music. Year after year, Blesst has dropped frighteningly consistent mixtapes and albums with knocking original production and a wealth of smooth flows and thoughtful lyrics that frequently put most of his peers to shame, the kind of intelligent street rap for which Baltimore could and should be known. - Al Shipley Baltimore City Paper

Blesst is currently working on his Spring release of his 1st project since being named Baltimore’s best entitled “The One”. With production from the likes of Banga Bill, Street Scott, and “Baltimore Crown Award Winning Producer” Imahj, this WestSide native has one goal in mind. To prove to the world that he truly is... “The One”. No flashy lights or colorful names to support.... Just Undeniable music...

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