CADDY DA DON - Powder Meth Blow

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Caddy Da Don "Powder Meth Blow" Mixtape

About Mixtape: Caddy Da Don is at the moment, the undisputed hottest artist in the city right now. With a song in regular rotation not only in Baltimore, but across the country, a big video in Miami and a new deal from Tony Austin’s Monarch Entertainment he’s poised to be the next biggest artist in the country. City Paper recognized this by putting him on the cover of their latest issue. All this coming after the independent release of his album back in January. It’s like he put his grind in a slow cooker in the winter and had it nice and ready for the summer. This new mixtape is like him walking across the stage in his cap and gown, paying tribute to what got him here, “Powder Meth Blow”.

The mixtape opens with a freestyle over a slow beat where Caddy puts his position in the game in words spitting “…put my future on lay-away finally paying it off/ I see heaven on my stairway I ain’t lying to yall…” Later in the mixtape, he drops another freestyle with a super smooth flow that sounds like he’s wearing a tux in the booth spitting “…new plug new city press play met Diddy/ same nigh D. wade sh!t we trying to get paid/ reached out to Frank Ski hey Doo Doo Brown/ but it’s funny how niggaz act new out of town…” On the album I complained that he didn’t have many features, but Caddy bought the hood out on this one. Newcomer to me, Money, is all over the mixtape providing mostly hooks like on the dope “Big Bank Rolls” and “Cookamonga” and even killing his verse on “Say Word” that also features Damon Blue and V Dot. Damon Blue also shows up on “93 Octane”, a dope song that sounds like it could be the soundtrack to the upcoming Baltimore Grand Prix later this summer. The homie 100 Grand Man shows up on “Obama” doing his thing and Dboi Da Dome who’s been building a crazy buzz contributes his song “Dope Boy Dream”. The best collaboration was the title track “Powder Meth Blow” featuring Smash and KG creating an anthem for the D Boys out there. They all killed that joint. But beyond the freestyles and features, Caddy did bring it, sounding as hungry and honest as ever on this mixtape. On “When I Get There” he wears all of his ambition and dedication to his craft on his sleeve and on “Oreo” that shows up late on the mixtape he reminds us where he came from. Crafting a song that reminds me of Outkast’s “Hootie Hoo” he creates a new call, telling the hood to yell OREO for that work and spitting some of the best dope rap since The Clipse. On “Feeling Myself”, caddy goes in over Wiz Khalifa’s “On My Level” putting hometown references in his raps spitting “…when I speak I need stacks, racks on racks/ I ain’t playin wit you niggaz leave blacks on wax/ that’s my favorite museum…” caddy definitely reps Bmore to the fullest with the references like his Bea gaddy reference in his smash single “Grindin’ On Me.”

Overall, Caddy didn’t disappoint at all, in fact, he even raised the bar. He SOUNDS like a dude who has taken that next step beyond the local scene without sounding contrived. This mixtape shows and proves why Caddy has risen above, beyond his grind and push, he actually has undeniable music. If you missed out on his last album, this is definitely not one to miss out on.

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