Che Merk

Che Merk

About Che Merk: Che Merk is a one of a kind Rap artist. Here to bring change and something different to the music scene. In a world were lyrics don’t seem to matter, he gives you a club /radio song with actual lyrical contain in the verses. He has a one of a kind flow, and punch lines that would rival the best rappers out to date. The big thing that sets him apart is something he calls B.A.S.S. Which stands for Bazaar Attitude Stance & Swagg. Multitalented individual; Che Merk is a rapper, producer, and studio engineer. His motto “If you’re not working your doing nothing at all.”

Che Merk is currently underneath Gudda Musik Recording, which is located in Northwest DC. One of their premier artist and star engineers, Che is a music powerhouse in his own teamed up with GM Recording October of 2010. Che is currently working on his first official mixtape, and dropping tracks nearly every week to make sure his eager fans have their fix of BASS.

People are in love with his witty lyrics, and humorous bars. Coming off with cockiness and a smile that you cant help but love. Cause in a world where no one believes in others, its apparent that he believes in him self. Che promotes change in music and his surroundings. A genuine young man that you cant help but fall in love with after sitting down and talking. After hear his hit single “Freak Nasty” you are left wanting more. Every song that he does he leaves a piece of him self behind and shows the real him. From his freak nasty side, to his affectionate side, which can be heard on his song “My Valentines.” And of course coming from the DMV area, there’s something in there for the streets.

Never shying away from an opportunity to show what he has to offer, Che performs every week on and off camera. He doesn’t shy away from the big stage ever. Having performed at Liv night club, Islands café, Plaza 23, other various venues, and opening for Roscoe Dash at Club Opera in Mississippi. Currently looking for that next big venue to share BASS with the people in attendance. Che Merk is a rising star. One of the few who can do what he does, the way he does it.

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