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About Day Deuce: Artist, Producer, Record Label Owner. These are the words of up and coming DMV artist Day Deuce aka Blackstone. “I want people to relate to what they hear. I make music about what I live while being conscious to the world politics and the real meaning of life and its purpose. Making music is like a best friend I can always express my good times and problems to."

His music creation process was inspired by his uncles and his grandfathers sunlight gospel group. Day Deuce has always been surrounded by instruments since he was born. Being an artist that was born and raised in the Washington D.C., and Maryland urban communities, Day Deuce has seen his share of challenges. He has set himself apart from the rest by becoming a producer, audio engineer, graphic designer, event planner and more to pursue his goals. He has exposed himself as an artist through charity events, productions, recording other artist, and opening for acts like Wale, DMX, Omillio Sparks, Donnie Klang, Twista, Jamie Fox, Bone Crusher and more! This producer/artist has the drive to succeed in anything he does.

He has even participated in the creation of many all orginal Go-Go bands as a keyboard and rapper that played all over DC (Reazon Band) (OCB) (All Out) and more. “My missions in life isn't easily broken because my thoughts are as solid as a rock... anything is possible you just got to have heart”. He loves to rap phrase that make you think. Day Deuce aka Blackstone speaks truth as he has gone as far as to create his own home based studio. Here he strives and works to make immaculate music that has helped him become well known in the D.C. area. Working with his brother, Dwight, they have been able to do record professional music. Along with these new developments Day Deuce put all his talents to work. Making a smart decision he invested money into himself building K.I.G. Records his own label to record and release through. Capitol Heights, M.D. seemed to be no challenge for Day Deuce. “Regardless what I did on the streets and maintaining my street credibility, school was always first.” Graduating at the top of his class was only the beginning of the successes for the artist. “Day Deuce aka Blackstone has always been his name as an artist, but anyone who has watched him grow up knows him as “Day Day”. Blackstone aka Day Deuce has made over 20 CD’s and counting. He has a library of unreleased material. His first album he produced himself at the age of 12 entitled “3 way survival”. The first released CD was titled “Remain Da Same” which hit store shelves in 2004. Day Deuce newest released CD is Respect it or Regret it and Mixtape Get Wit It Or Get Lost, both available on the internet all platforms. He has performed in all 30 states. Making his mark in both New York and Miami Blackstone has won the National Music Conference 2 consecutive years in a row. When it comes to performing his stage presence moves the crowd like a true star. Events like Allstar weekend in LA, Million man march in DC, Day Deuce makes a good impression and his music is enjoyed by all ages.

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