About D Cannon
: Rapper, producer, song writer, engineer and CEO Of Independent Hustle Music Group (IHMG). D-Cannon, born Darrick Emmanuel Palmer is definitely taking the the term “multi-talented” to another level. Born November 4, 1989 and raised in the gutter streets of Ward 8 South East DC, the young entrepreneur is more than hungry for stardom. He began writing music at the tender age of seven, realizing he had a “knack” for music he continued to study and learn more about the craft. Teaching himself how to record, make beats and even design his own cd covers by age 12. Looking up to hip-hop legends such as Tupac, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, & Lil Wayne Cannon found himself intrigued with becoming a “perfectionist” as he would call it. “I’ve always said to myself that I would never put out anything that I didn’t feel like I did my absolute best on at that point of time.” he stated.

Rhyming in cyphers in school and even battling class-mates he started to be noticed and credited for his talent, which eventually grew into a fanbase. That kind of recognition only drove the young musician to work harder to better himself as an artist. After moving to a small rural city in North Carolina in 2004 he realized that being in another state could be a better way for him to venture out as an artist and introduce another part of the country to his music. A few years after he released his first mixtape “Tha Cracc House” (2006) a 20 track CD doing nothing more than displaying his lyrical talent over popular instrumentals. The mixtape did well throughout the county and some parts of Virginia, independently distributing over 400 copies. “I did that mainly by myself just grindin’. I would sit up with my sister all night burning cd’s, labeling them with sharpies. Me and my cousins were selling them in school, the mall, Wal-Mart and where ever else we went. That’s what you call hustlin’ hahaha.” In 2007 he and his family moved back to the DC area. A little more developed and excited about the success of his first project, he felt it was time to take over his own city. He then followed with is second tape “Welcome 2 Tha Mafia” in 2008. Using the internet as his promotional weapon, the follow up was downloaded over 1,000 times within the first month of release. Then it was proven that he definitely had what it took to become a star. Starting his own label New Era Ent. alongside his brother, Cannon began to focus more and more on accomplishing his dreams. Making his name known around the world by using MySpace as a global outlet, the young artist found himself with over 1.4 million plays, 20 thousand fans, and over 500 thousand music downloads, including ringtones. He later reunited with his younger cousin Michael Majette, also known as “Money Mike”(G-Star Deniro) who also displayed interest in music. The two began working together on Cannon’s third mixtape entitled “Mr.SWAGG” in 2009. The project was rated five stars and was featured as number 2 in the top 8 on Datpiff.com. Later they formed the rap group Blocc Boyz and started a new chapter in both of their careers. In 2011 Cannon made a decision to change his label name from New Era Ent. to Independent Hustle Music Group. “I just felt like I was growin’. I was more hungry, more dedicated and more hard working than I ever was. I don’t take handouts too often. I grind hard own my own with every part of my music career and my life as well. It just suited what I feels like represent us the most.” Cannon stated.

He now has six released mixtapes circulating and is currently working on his debut album “Sleep When I Die” scheduled for release November 8, 2011 on IHMG. Working to multiple projects simultaneously he proves that the hustle indeed doesn’t stop. Ambitious, driven, dedicated, and determined to prove that dreams are possible he continues to work hard day in and day out. We all know that success is not impossible and its only a matter of time until he’s at the top of the ladder.

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