Logic "Dear God" Lyrics

Dear God
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"Dear God" Lyrics

[Verse 1: Logic]
Dear God, I think it's time we had a conversation
These lonely nights is getting to me so my mind is racing
I think about this life I live and all the shit I'm facing
More secrets in my mind then a free mason
I get lonely at times, and then I write these rhymes
I'm only human, I want to hit the club and fuck a dime
But I know that's not the answer to my problems
Lord help me solve them
Disintegrate and dissolve them
Laying in bed
With a girl I'm pretty sure is my next
Contemplating the sex
While I think about my ex
Am I wrong, Dear God, am I wrong

[Verse 2: Logic]
Dear God tell me am I wrong
For living the life of a king surrounded by these pawns
Fans telling me I'm the greatest but I never hear them
Cause I ain't hit the pinnacle yeah I'm still persevering
Demons whispering in my ear but no I never fear them
People thinking they on his level they ain't even near him
I just want to spread positivity
Through lyrical ability
They call it selling out but I just call it versatility
Yeah, its my life
My wrongs,and My rights
My battle, My songs, and My fights
Now everybody want to come around
Tell me where was you last year when a brother was down
Not a single one of you mother fuckers believed in the brand
Extended a hand
And now you want to be my man
I think not
You quick to shape shift like ink blots
The real dealer we cut classic no fitters
What about the time
I was nine
And my mama almost murdered me
Don't think I forgot that shit it still burdens me
Her bare hands tight around my throat I can't breath I screamed I can't breath mama
Don't you want me mama
Don't you love me mama
What the fuck
Where was you here god tell me now
Hows a brother supposed to stay sane tell me how
Why you let me live but let another die
Why you dry my tears but let another cry
Gotta know
Set to detonate I gotta blow
That shit for show
I used to wonder why in the hell you would make me suffer
But now in the end I understand that it made me tougher

[Outro x2]
I get up when im down
Had enough almost drowned
When shit rough
I get tough
And when im beaten to the ground I get up

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