Deuce Ducartier

Deuce Ducartier

About Deuce Ducartier: With massive vocals and a truly cutting edge sound, Deuce Ducartier captures listeners with both lyrical raps and raw singing talent. His music features classic guitars interwoven with hard hitting bass to create a new genre of music called rap "n" roll that takes both rock and hip hop to the next level.

His lyrics invite listeners into the mysterious, other level world of Deuce Ducartier. From wild parties on another planet to the realities of life to an exploration of our deepest and darkest fantasies, Deuce Ducartier pushes boundaries and expectations.

Deuce teamed up with the production team, 340 Music, in Atlanta to combine his passion for rock and the rawness of hip hop into a sound that is mesmerizing and uniquely his own. Backed by guitars and drums, his live performances are a visual and musical experience. His artistic influences include rock and hip hop game changers Lenny Kravitz and Andre 3000.

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