DJ J-SCRILLA - Gorilla Glue

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DJ J Scrilla "Gorilla Glue" Mixtape

Mixtape Review: DJ J Scrilla has proven himself to be a valuable asset in the D.C Metropolitan area music scene since 1996. Scrilla has been the heartbeat of many parties and a plethora of mixtapes out of the DMV. He is a jack of all trades firmly solidified in the roles of producer, mixtape/tour DJ, consultant and visual artist. Now, at the beginning of an eventful summer season he is back again with the first slowed down 45’’, funk and soul mix of its kind off his new Gorilla Glue mixtape.

Blessing the city with unique, melodic mixes laden with skilled scratching and a bass that pulsates in the stomach, DJ J Scrilla traverses the generation gaps of his fan base with ease. With his appreciation for pioneer musicians and the influences of The Rza, Tony Touch, Beatnutz and DJ Premier, DJ J Scrilla often utilizes retro-vintage soul and Mo-Town classics with an even mix of true Hip-Hop records. This mix holds pleasant surprises, with samples from Al Green and Marvin Gaye.

The Gorilla Glue mixtape channels the essence of DJ Screw to create a slowed down, chill toker’s tape. It gives it’s listeners a smooth and easy sound while providing familiar, old school lyrics warped, chopped and syrupy slow. DJ J Scrilla is also the pen behind all the cover art on this project.

J Scrilla’s production credits almost outweigh his mixtape experience. Aside from his party rocking capabilities as a DJ, J Scrilla is an accomplished producer as well. Though he has worked with mainstreamartists and spun at several widely known area venues such as the Howard Theatre and U Street Music Hall, he always finds the time to show love and work with the talented indie crowd. His beats have been utilized by over 300 artists, 200 of which are DMV artists. The lengthy list includes favorites such as RAtheMC, Tabi Bonney, Uptown XO and Visto.

His current projects and affiliations include: Maniiifest, an artist management and consulting company with Melissa Kim, LumiNation, a mixtape series headed by talented lyricists Willie Waze and Macguyver and Innerloop, his production company with beat craftsmen, Ca$ito and Grussle . Expect major moves and dope new music from each of these ventures in the upcoming seasons. Written by: Ambre 'MzGreenEyez' Tomlinson (@MissGreenEyez)

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