About DJ KP: DJ KP is an exciting DJ who boasts with an exceptional resume. If you need to get some one at your next house party or night club, he could be the answer. This young musician has so many facets that he will have your party rocking in no time. He started his music career at a very young age. At the tender age on just 11 he already made his mark as a gifted music engineer and producer. At the time this artist was involved in producing music in the R&B and hip hop arena.

Today he works with many local artists, especially those doing hip hop. He has been able to assist them with hosting and producing their music. In addition his works involves the creation of mix tapes and albums. As a DJ he has also built up a great reputation. As a result he is always in demand and you need to book him ahead of time to get him to operate at one of your venues. DJ KP has experience as a DJ at many house parties and night clubs.

Music is a great medium for getting people together. Unfortunately tastes differ. This DJ has the ability to wow you with the versatility of his playing lists. These are able to a large audience of music lovers. When we look at the history of music then we realize that it is one of those art forms that have withstood the test of time. This has been made possible by its ability to evolve and adapt with the ages. Many of the not so young are often not in favor with the tastes of the young people today. DJ KP is also an excellent entrepreneur. This has been made possible by the report he has managed to built within his DMV community. Another spin-off of this has resulting in him running an open mic event in the DMV regularly. He is so talented that many predict that he is yet to reach his full potential. Music makes the world go round. This is a thought shared by many. It is one of the arts that come in various forms and attracts people from all age groups. If you have the talent, experience and the know-how, it can even become an extremely profitable business. This has been well illustrated in the life of DJ KP.

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