DJ Technology

DJ Technology

About Dj Technology: Dj Technology was born on December 12th at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, Dc. He grew up with one younger brother in Washington,DC. DJ Technology's parents (mother) Lolita Curtis and (Father) Harold Marshall were both born and raised in Washington DC. Every since Dj Technology was young he would mix songs with one turntable and a cassette tape from his mother's stereo system. Dj Technology's biggest inspiration growing up was Jazzy Jeff, NWA, Scarface, Run DMC, just to name a few. While his peers wanted to play some sort of sport growing up, Dj Technology wanted to do music. He was always known to his friends to have the latest rap tape or cd. As matter of fact, he introduced a lot of his peers to NWA, Comptons Most Wanted, Above The Law, E-40, etc growing up.

​​ Like many of us growing up, Dj Technology started going down the wrong path, getting caught up in the wrong things with his friends, stealing cars, selling drugs, etc. In 1993 Dj Technology was accused of murdering a neighborhood friend. Sadly, Dj Technology was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. While in prison Dj Technology was determined to study the law to regain his freedom. While most of his friends went on with their lives, Dj Technology was living his in one of the roughest state prisons in the country (The Maryland State Penn) While in prison, Dj Technology got his diploma and other certificates. In 1998 Dj Technology's conviction was overturned by the supreme court and he was released from prison. Once released, Dj Technology received a good sum of money from family and friends and decided not to sew the state for being falsely convicted. Instead of spending his money on a car, clothes, etc., he decided to invest in studio recording equipment. In the year of 1999, Technology decided to relocate to Tampa, Fl. While living in Tampa, he decided to go to engineering school ( Full Sail) to learn more about recording and producing songs. Dj Technology eventually opened up a recording studio in Tampa, calling it Alltek Records Recording Studio, on W. Waters Ave. DJ Technology practically lived in the studio making music.

​​The Studio wasn't making enough money to cover the bills so Dj Technology had to result to his first love of the music, and that was Djing. He then invested in some cheap Dj gear and started djing in local strip clubs around the city of Tampa for 50 to 100 dollars a night, plus the girls would tip him for playing songs that they liked and that would keep the guys tipping them. People eventually started requesting him to Dj their parties, this is when the name changed from Technology to Dj Technology. 2008 Dj Technology moved back to his home town of Washington DC. The newly National Harbor was just built and Dj Technology was determined to get a job as a professional Dj at the plush up scale club called Pose located on top of the Gaylord resort. Dj Technology ended up landing a job at Club Pose making six hundred dollars a night, Djing for four hours a night. This was a big difference from the 50 to 100 dollars a night that he was getting in Tampa.

​​Eventually Dj Technology started making a name for himself in his city. Local promoters started requesting him to Dj their events, and from that more people requested him to do their private parties. Dj Technology would then start Djing parties in Vegas, North Carolina, Va, GA, Ny, Baltimore, Atlantic City and various clubs for different groups of people, Hiphop, Pop, Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa, Mainstream, House, Go-Go, Oldies but Goodie and Club music, even kid parties. 2009 Dj Technology decided to open up a recording studio and event center in Ft Washington, Maryland located about 3 miles outside the city of Washington,DC naming it The Den Recording Studio and Auditorium. Dj Technology started recording and producing local artist, and well known Go-Go bands. Dj Technology decided to start his own record label calling it Technology Records. So, here we are now and you ask "who's Dj Technology?", and the answer would be, "Dj Technology is one of The Best Dj's In The World, CEO, Producer, Rapper, Remixer and Entrepreneur with a genuinely good spirit that always seeks greatness, and loved by all people from all cities and countries."

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