Wale "Dig Dug (Shake It)"

DMV Music: Wale "Dig Dug (Shake It)"
Item# dmvmuwaddugs

Wale "Dig Dug (Shake It)"

[Intro] That's my name don't forget it
It's not a game
Hold ya dame
Cause my thang somethin' vicious (Wale!) (x3)
That's my name don't forget it
I'm not from Northeast, but I guarantee I groove her

[Hook] x2
Shake it, Shake it shake it
Shake it, shake it shake it
Shake it, shake it shake it
Shake it, you gon' move girl

[Verse 1]
Yeah it's Wale, you prolly know me from the rap
Home of the terrapins, slangers of the crack
Uptown roamers to southside riders
I bump, sellin' dro on the boat like pirates
Shake it for me darlin', na I ain't dancin
Ignorant as ever, don't be trippin' where my hands is
Handcuff a chick? Nah, bamma niggas grip broads
Me I'm finna hit it and ditch it and that's a dig ya'll

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
I said, please don't step on the shoes cause I'm twisted
Those SBs you seen is 350
And we lifted, rollin' straight swishers
Rollers get a whiff and get back like swishes
Never hit the backboard, rollin' up and pack four
And that broad gets crank like backyard
She back it on me, man, I ain't 'bout the paper
When a broad try to play a playa, this is what you say
You say

[Break] x6
Come her girl, I said

[Verse 3]
Dig it, she under dug it, I dig it she under covers
I give her the diggin' and then she really gon' be in love
But I ain't gon' dig it if she ain't really with it
Got no times for the fakin', when she sayin' she gon' give it, like

[Hook] x2

[Verse 4]
Well I ain't spendin' cash for it, I don't even ask for it
I'm bad and I'm flyer then a passport
The embassador of rap for the capital
Prolly gon' grab it when I grind into the back of her like

[Break] x6

[Hook] x4

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