Wildchild DNA

Wildchild DNA


About DNA: DNA is currently recognized as the Nations favorite DJ on the nation wide Music Choice MC Mixtape channel and the world wide 66RAW.com. His show which airs multiple times weekly showcases exclusive and current popular hits & underground music from the hottest artists across the globe which continues DNA’s reign as the Nations number 1 trendsetter & record breaker.

In the early 90s a love of music led DNA to pursue a career in the music industry starting as a mobile DJ for various local events. During his freshman year at Morgan State University DNA began working at a local record store in downtown Baltimore. By his sophomore year, he had started his own promotions company, focusing primarily on college events. While building his new venture, DNA began doing volunteer promotional work with Def Jam, PolyGram Distribution Group. With his thriving talent and innate understanding of business, DNA soon spurred from mobile DJ to independent promoter, to worldwide mix tape, event and party DJ.

In May of 2000, DNA graduated from Morgan State University achieving a Bachelors Degree in Telecommunications with a focus in Radio Broadcasting. He then went on to work for AIR (Active Industry Research, Inc.), a national independent Promotions company where DNA assisted the 20 year old company with successfully constructing their first ever Urban Music department responsible for breaking acts such as Alicia Keys, Jaheim, Trey Songz, Mario and Amerie just to name a few of many. While working at AIR, DNA began to be recognized even more on a national and international level in the mix tape industry joining forces with Rooftop Entertainment while building numerous relationships throughout the radio and music industries. By teaming with Rooftop Entertainment, DNA & Round Table Music Group became partially responsible for the up-rise of the streets infamous Street Wars mix tape series.

In 2004 DNA left AIR and for the first time pursued his DJ career and building his indie label Round Table Music Group full time. He also went on to become the official Tour DJ for other up and coming artists such as Columbia Records/Sony Urban Paula Campbell and Blackhand Entertainment’s Grafh. This is also the point when DNA began his 1st ever but instantly popular Radio Show “Real Radio” on XM SATELLiTE RADiO channel 66 RAW. After a 4 Year successful run the show ended when XM Satellite Radio merged with Sirius Satellite in November of 2008.

In 2009 DNA was recruited by The National Cable Music Choice Network to be the 1st featured mixer on their new Churban/top 40 MC Mixtape Station. Adding to his resume and many duties DNA also took on the Management Role for artist Paula Campbell late 2009. In December of 2009 DNA & the 66 RAW family returned to break yet another barrier launching 66RAW.com an online version of the infamous Satellite station bringing the real hip hop back to the world. DNA can be found on both, Music Choice’s MC Mixtape broadcasting daily nationally and on the all new 66RAW.com with his new program Street Rehab Radio broadcasting weekly worldwide.

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