Logic "Do Ya Like" Lyrics

Do Ya Like
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"Do Ya Like" Lyrics

[Hook: Childish Gambino]
Baby girl, you know what I want
Let me do it to ya, do it to ya
Let me do ya like uh, uh, uh..

Baby girl, you know what I want
Let me do it to ya, do it to ya
Let me do ya like uh, uh, uh..

[Verse 1: Logic]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Let me get it right now
Make you get aroused
Baby you been on my mind for a while now
I just wanna take some time
Write this rhyme
With a beautiful woman like you in mind
Baby be mine
Im trying to find what makes you tic, can we talk
Maybe walk around the park
Trust me girl I stand up hard
All women ain't bitches and all
Men aren't dawgs even though we bark
Cause I just want to get to know you
Maybe run around and show you
What a gentlemen is
Yeah, tell me what it do
Shawty I'm coming for you
Ain't talking about sex
I'm talking about something from above
I'm talking about love
Talking bout love, love, love (love)

Now that you know that I'm for real
It's the perfect time to kill
Any fear that you may have
Baby girl I won't be mad if you ain't feeling it
But if you down you better believe I'm killing it
Take it to the crib on that late night drilling it


[Verse 2: Logic]
Wait a second, hold up
How the hell you think I got this name
Girl, I'm all about the brain
Why you think they call me (Logic)
Ok, condom in my pocket
Lay on the bed let me rock it
Please don't stop the spit from profit
But this right here on the house
Fuck the bed, we cutting on the floor then later on the couch
Ladies give out 'till I gets it in
Make you scream and make you grin
From the very beginning from the second I'm in
I'm trying to tease you let me please you
Baby girl you know I need you
Do you like it, never had it
Putting work with this one right here
Yeah you know it's just for fun
Give it to you like I was trying to conceive a son
I gets it done then I'm ready for more
So, ain't no telling where we'll go
But one thing that I know fo sho
This angel has no halo
I don't play no games
You can ask my ex I never eat the box
But if I control her I may select some freaky shit to start
Then bring it back
We can go for hours girl I never slept
Tell me how you want it
Face to face or rough and from the back
Just like that she gon' overwork me if I let her
But I don't give a damn I just wanna feel better (ay)


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