Drops for DMV LIFE Radio

Item# drfordmvlira

DMV Artists: Send us Drops for DMVLIFE Radio
Record a drop for DMVLIFE Radio, and we WILL play it! Now I know some of ya'll are like "What is a drop?" Its simple, its just a basic shout out. So we have given you a few examples below of drop scripts, but you can add your own little twist to it... get creative with it. If it is a dope drop we will keep it in rotation for a long time. If you have access to a studio knock them out and email them to: Drops@dmvlife.com

  • Example 1: "Hey this is (state your name) and you're listening to DMVLIFE Radio on DMVLIFE.com"

  • Example 2: "This is (state your name) and you know Im rockin with DMVLIFE Radio."

  • Example 3: "This is (state your name) and you're tuned into the best in the DMV! DMVLIFE Radio!

  • These are just examples. The best drops are always when people make it with their own style. The more creative and the better it sounds will get it played more often on DMV LIFE Radio. So go record a drop and send it over to us. We will put it in rotation for the whole DMV to hear!

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