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Dwight TurboDillard


About Dwight Dillard: Originally born in Nuremberg, Germany, Dwight has been a resident & citizen of the U.S. & DC Metropolitan area since 1977. Dwight’s admiration for his country & dedication to pursuing a higher education lead him to join the U.S. Army in 1993. In his 17 year tenor he became a highly decorated soldier with three wartime deployments, including; Operation Nobel Eagle in 2001-2002, Afghanistan in 2003-2004, & Iraq in 2007-2008. In January 2008 he suffered wartime injuries which lead to him becoming a disabled veteran.

His humble entrepreneurial beginnings were in 2007 with Barbers 2 Go. The concept for Barbers 2 Go began while Dillard served in the U.S. Army. The question, “Do you know where I can get a good haircut”, was always asked in his worldwide travels. He combined his background as a freelance barber & IT work experience to create the Barbers 2 Go brand. Barbers2Go has now grown into a new business, Blurah.com. Blurah.com is a global professional directory for health & beauty services & products.

In addition to Blurah.com, Dwight has used the successful platform for Barbers 2 Go to create three new business entities. They are; B2Gglobal, iTrinity(e), & Global Shield Protection Services. Global Shield Protection Services is a security company that specializes in dignitary, VIP, & maritime Security Services. In addition, they also offer paramilitary missions & educate consumers on proper safety, handling, & cleaning of firearms. ITrinity(e) is an entertainment management company that builds successful platforms & provides A-Z support for artists in the music industry. B2Gglobal, bridging 2gether globally, the parent company to the other three, is his ultimate vision. B2Gglobal is a company that will bring businesses together on a global level.

In addition to running four successful businesses Dwight makes time to give back to his community. He co-owns 100 miles LLC, corporate volunteering to aid & support non-profit organizations. “Hundred miles is much more than a non-profit, it’s a way of thinking”, says Dwight. His philosophy is to do everything 100 miles, going to the extra mile for others always. This thought process is a way of life for Dwight & carries over into everything he does. He is a passionate visionary who sees using his business to make a positive impact in his community & in society. When you look at his passion, drive, & thought process, it is evident why he has achieved the level of success he has.

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