Eddie Kayne

Eddie Kayne

About Eddie Kayne: Eddie Kayne is the host of the #1 Indie Show, the Eddie Kayne Show. Born and raised in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, Eddie was always a fan of all genres of music but, the love he has for Hip Hop is irreplaceable. As a pioneer of Hip Hop, Eddie has worked with some of Hip Hop legends such as, Producer Max Kid. He has worked with artist such as the Legendary African Bambaatta and DC Scorpio. Three short years ago, Eddie recognized that the Indie music scene needed a voice. Having the expertise to discover raw talent and wanting to provide the world with diversity he decided to host his own show. Since then, he has become The Voice of Independent Artist Worldwide. Eddie Kayne has taken his Indie Movement to a syndicated level while providing a platform for artists of all kinds. Eddie engages his audience during his action-packed shows while DJ Sinbad spins some of the hottest independent music from around the globe. His listenership/viewership is heard all over the US in addition to 86 countries worldwide. Eddie strives to help bring the independent movement to the forefront for the world to see many different undiscovered talented artists who are unsigned with no major distribution or funding.

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