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About Eskai Lotto: There seems not to be any limits with Eskai Lotto. He grew up in one of those neighborhoods that people forget about. They call it "the city of unsolved mysteries". Adelphi Maryland has groomed some of the most ruthless criminals under the radar. Growing up in a land of turmoil costs Eskai Lotto 8 years in prison. 8 YEARS! That is a long time. But he doesn't let it define him in the present. It's crazy because he glorifies his actions as they have made him into the person we see today, but he doesn't lean on the reputation of a convict for recognition. "The people want to know what you have done for them lately" he says.

So he hit the ground running in December of 2016 as a free man. Everything he dreamed about while sitting in a cell hoping for a miracle is quickly flourishing into a movement. His persistence with discipline is remarkable. I just want to see what a real live gangster with a head on his shoulders is capable of. Failures and let-downs claim to have broken his heart. A sight of so much focus is motivational. It comes out in his music. Even when we act like we are not watching, we really are.

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