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Feature Your Event on DMVLIFE.com!!!

Only $20 will get your event listed in the DMV Events section on DMVLIFE.com!

The DMV Events section on DMVLIFE.com is the hub of all music events in the DMV. People from all over the DMV use the DMV Events section to find out about upcoming events.

Make the payment below and your upcoming event will be added to the DMV Events section on DMVLIFE.com within 48 hours. After you complete payment, email us the flyer and the details of your event to: Events@DMVLIFE.com.

Feature Your Event on DMVLIFE.com

Send out an Email Blast about your event!

If your goal is to reach as many people as possible you will want us to send out an email blast about your upcoming event. The recipients of our emails are DMV artists, producers, bloggers, websites, DJs, and fans of DMV music. The people we send our emails to have been confirmed members of our email list so you can be assured that you are reaching quality contacts.

$40 - Email Blast to over 20,000 DMV contacts

After you complete payment, send an email to EmailBlast@dmvlife.com with a link to the video, mixtape, or whatever you would like to promote. Your email blast will be sent out within 72 hours. Once the email campaign has been completed, you will be notified.

Add a Banner Ad to DMVLIFE.com

DMVLIFE.com generates over 200,000 page views and attracts over 80,000 unique visitors per month. You can use a banner ad to reach them. Over 90% of the visitors to DMVLIFE.com live in the DMV! With our focused demographic, you can be assured that you will reach thousands people all over the DMV. Use a banner ad to spread the word about your new music, company, event, or whatever you are promoting.


After completing payment: Send an email to: Advertising@dmvlife.com with your banner, and provide the link to your website or wherever you want the banner be directed to. Your ad will be placed on more than 95% of the pages on DMVLIFE.com excluding the Home Page. Once payment has been received, your banner will be featured within 48 hours.

DMVLIFE.com can also sell tickets to your event.
Help get the most money and people to your event by pre-selling tickets on DMVLIFE.com. Contact us today at, events@dmvlife.com to set up ticket sales for your upcoming event.

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