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About Fat Trel: Martrel “Fat Trel” Reeves was a child far more ambitious and cognizant of his surroundings than the norm. At age seven, he professed ambitions to be a rapper, while peers delivered the proverbial “I have a Dream” Speech about aspirations to be nurses, doctors, lawyers, and fire fighters. As peers sat excited by the endless possibilities of the future, Fat Trel sat perplexed by the harsh realities of DC; the placed he called home. Fat Trel exited high school at age 15, caught up in the lure and necessity of street life; a road more traveled when the have-nots impose an immediate call to action. Unconvinced high school education would support his family or cultivate his ambitions, Fat Trel hit the ground running in pursuit of achieving the only dream he’s ever known…to be an emcee and has not stopped running since.

Fat Trel has nurtured and grown his organic rapping and storytelling ability and graced audiences from DC to LA with creative word play and pulverizing flow. Fat Trel’s flow is raw and uncut, some would say as graphic and grimy as the streets of DC, but both memorable and captivating nonetheless. He holds no punches and tells each story with such relativity they appear verbatim, in a matter of fact nature, that illustrates he is genuinely home grown and not caught up in the idea of being from the streets.

Fat Trel is no stranger to adversity and sees every opportunity onstage as an opportunity to educate people with an infectious rap delivery that has universal appeal. Fat Trel’s infectious movement continues to build fan bases from the United States to places as far as London because his education and mastery of the school of the hard knocks is simply incredible and like no other. Trel’s messages demonstrate wisdom, street smarts, and “know how” far beyond his age. This coupled with his unparalleled ambition will inevitably turn Fat Trel’s childhood ambitions into a reality and solidify him as a household name.

In 2010, Trel caught the attention of Wale and he was quickly signed to Wale's Board of Administration label. That partnership quickly dissolved but not before Trel released his first solo mixtape No Secrets. That mixtape established Fat Trel as a heavyweight in the DMV music scene. The self-described "Fat Fool" won "Breakout Artist Of The Year" at the 2011 DMV Music Awards. It was a well deserved award for Trel who dropped features and quality music non-stop.

In 2012, he released Nightmare on E Street, his most complete mixtape to date with production from Big Krit, Lex Luger, and Kane Beatz. That mixtape helped propel him to the next level and Trel was featured in XXL magazine, he aligned with Master P, and he toured all over America.

In 2013, Fat Trel officially signed with Wale, Rick Ross, and Maybach Music Group.

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Fat Trel "Billionaire"Tabi Bonney ft. Fat Trel "Time of Her Life"Fat Trel "Muney"PDP ft. Fat Trel "Do What I Do"Fat Trel "Nikki Sweets"
Fat Trel "Swishers & Liquor"Fat Trel ft. Fredo Santana & SD "Wit Da Shits"Red Cafe ft. Fat Trel "Up In Here"Fat Trel ft. Chief Keef "Russian Roulette"Fat Trel "Devil We Like"
Fat Trel "My Type Of Party"Boobe ft. Fat Trel "Big Time Dreams"The Essence ft. Fat Trel "Red X White"Zim ft. Fat Trel "Live Niggaz"Young Moe ft. Fat Trel "I Dew"
Young Moe ft. Fat Trel "Tired of Being Broke"Gerreddi ft. Fat Trel "Go Bananas"Fat Trel ft Raheem Devaughn "Going Crazy"Yung Nilo ft. Mi$tro & Fat Trel "Hold That"YSC ft. Fat Trel "Aint Nuffin"
J. Addo ft. Fat Trel "1st Class"Caddy Da Don ft. Fat Trel "Heavy 2012"Fat Trel "Cremate Em"Fat Trel "Yall Niggas Aint Real"Fat Trel "Freeze Me"
Fat Trel & Alley Boy "Cocaine"Fat Trel "Fuk Yo Life"Fat Trel "Started From The Bottom"Fat Trel "Shoot Yung Nigga"Fat Trel "Niggaz Dying"
Fat Trel "No Lames"Fat Trel ft. Young Moe "Million Dollar Dreams"Fat Trel ft. Tracy T & Rick Ross "Shhh"Loaded Lux ft. Fat Trel "K.I.L.L.A.S."Fat Trel "She Fell In Love"
Fat Trel "Rich As Fuck"Fat Trel "Gleesh Made It"Fat Trel ft. Young Moe "Souljah"Fat Trel "0 To 100"Fat Trel "Walkin Thru My Hood"
Fat Trel "Rest In Peace"Fat Trel ft. Tracy T "What We Doing"Fat Trel "Georgetown Intro"Fat Trel "Energy"Fat Trel ft. Troy Ave "Funky Style"
Fat Trel "My Bruvas"Fat Trel ft. Yowda & P Wild "Feel No Pain"Fat Trel "Finesse Gang"Fat Trel "Calling All Workers"Fat Trel "Sluttyboy Crazy"
Fat Trel "WWYD?"Fat Trel "Fuck 12"Fat Trel "Sick & Tired"Fat Trel "Mo Trilla"Fat Trel "Motivation"

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