About Four-In: When you think of Four-In, think versatile boom-bap style beats, think aggression, think diverse rhyme styles from equally diverse perspectives, but most of all—think raw hip hop. Group members Cynical Minded, Nemesis, Ox law, and Outragis reside on the outskirts of Washington D.C. in an area called Silver Spring, Maryland. However, each member hails from a different nation outside of the United States—hence the name Four-In. The leader of the group, Cynical Minded comes from El Salvador, Nemesis is from Portugal, Oxlaw is from Puerto Rico, and Outragis is from Jamaica. These different backgrounds provide a unique blend of styles and voices. When all of them come together, they are Four-In.

The group has been friends for over a decade, but only recently started to get serious about making music in the past few years. Teaming up with visionary producers D-Hype and Al-Dope in 2010, the group began to branch out and experiment with different sounds. Balancing the golden age hip hop style of Al Dope’s beats with the current progressive sounds brought by D-Hype, Four-In achieves a unique mix that sounds both classic and original.

As each of the group’s members are minorities, they are in a position on the fringes of society. This lends itself to an anti-authoritarian attitude that comes through in their music. One of their marquee songs entitled “Land of the Lost” criticizes society, and suggests that citizens in any country aren’t truly free. But their style is dynamic. Drawing from golden age hip hop groups such as Wu Tang Clan, M.O.P., the Boot Camp Clik, and Blackstar, all the way to current rappers like Little Brother and Elzhi, Four-In channels that raw energy and spirit to bring a sound that is uniquely theirs.

A few highlights of their performing career include playing at Sonar in Baltimore, opening for Black Rob at the 1212 Suite in D.C., and then most recently at the SXSW Festival at the Indie Life Series Concert. Four-In has their sights set on bigger and better things, but ultimately, their main goal is to make good music and connect with like-minded individuals.

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