Ghostface ft Method Man, Raekwon "Our Dreams"

Item# ghftmemaraod

[Chorus: Michael Jackson "We're Almost There" sample] No matter how hard, the task may seem Don't give up our plans, don't give up our dreams No broken bridges, can turn us around Cause what we're searchin' for, will soon be found

[Ghostface Killah] Aiyo, listen here, shorty, Camay glow You know we both make angels when we lay in the snow Heat the house with the oven when the cheese got low Cuz Toney, can't be out there pushing that blow You made plans and dreams, not grands of schemes I wanna search for the meaning of love, see what it means Cuz we hustle so hard, cross so many bridges Made babies, took trips to the mall, for family pictures And our souls is magnetic, we the meaning of destiny Be that banker of trust that looks to invest in me Together, to get her, means for me to get you We back, reunite like the Wu See we soul mates, we melt like cookies and cream And I fiend for the days and the nights to sex my queen So no matter how hard it seems, dreams come true Keep Allah in our hearts, hugs and kisses, Toney Starks


[Method Man] Uh, still applying the pain The purple frying my brain, this woman's crying again She, tired of fighting, my feelings likely the same That's what happens when you wife 'em and they try to tighten the chain See, she in the right, so I put her right in her lane I'm all night with the pipe, I can feel her biting my chain She, got her own, I ain't gotta buy her a thang I be burning up the sheets everytime I'm lighting the game We, go together like, Martin and Gina, but She get uptight when we fight like Ike and Tina, so Love her or leave her alone, like I ain't need her tho A minute later I'm back, like I ain't mean it, yo We break up, just to make up, she fly without the makeup Together we upgrade to A plus So all this bickering ain't us, we bigger than that You normally cool when I'm digging your back, now fall back, baby


[Raekwon] Shorty with the flavor like Breyer's, real sweet with your thick legs Look like you drink eggs, you lying Now you met a teflon don, stay high, Levi's on Wire cell frames, no games I'm into cashing in, getting this paper, buying up acres Ride around, and yo, fuck with my neighbors Pocket full of hundreds and weed, light the Philly cigar up And go dolo, riding through SoHo You hear the little baby in the back? That's the sound of sweet life A sweet wiz'll make you a sweet night And chill with the pawns we on, cuz life is a chessboard You better have you sword and vest on Never hate your enemies, cuz it effects judgment They only hate it if they know you getting hella cheese That's what it is, what it do for you Don't let the truth bore you, word up, don't let the roof spoil


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