About G-Ruck: G-Ruck was born on January 21, 1985 as Gerald Rucker in Chesapeake Virginia. He is the eldest of four. After graduating from Indian River high school, G-Ruck decided to serve his country by enlisting in the United States Air Force and is currently a Staff Sergeant.

G-Ruck learned at an early age that he wanted to rap. As a child he watched his uncle play numerous instruments, make beats, and add lyrics. This made him want to rap also and perfect his craft. In the 12th grade he joined a rap group called “young fellas” which originated at a local McDonald’s in his hometown, where he was currently working. The group went their separate ways when G-Ruck began his military career. During his is first year in the military he decided to start his own rap group called “silent kings of the streets ” aka SKS, deriving from the three wise men. The group became a local success. They performed at numerous venues throughout Alaska. In 2006 G-Ruck got stationed in South Dakota and decided to become a solo artist. Since then he has featured in songs with Black Cobain, Southeast Slim, Pirelli Rell, J.C.A., Yonny Yone, and others.

G-Ruck’s debut album “Subject To Change” hosted by DJ Grady and DJ Flatline dropped in 2012. Through his metaphorical rapping style, G-Ruck describes his music as a “quick clot” to express himself in hopes that others can relate. “Rapping is my own therapy, I sit down in the studio for hours, and I have self analyzing sessions then I get on the microphone and the rest is history” he mentions in a recent interview.

One of his infamous quotes from his album is “My step mother died on 9/11, son born on the same day; that’s life and death, I learned about it in the worst way” this was inspired by the loss of his step mother. Subject To Change, has many songs that express his inner thoughts about life and death. “Hip hop is a verbal journal of life experiences delivered through a microphone”.

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