Interviews Designer of UOYKCUF Clothing Line

Interview: Interviews Designer of UOYKCUF Clothing Line
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Founded in late 2011, a unique new clothing brand was created by Greg Hines and Shandy Ross to push new aspects into the street wear scene. By combining urban abstract art with futuristic concepts, UOYKCUF definitely stands out among others. recently interviewed the two behind UOYKCUF to discuss the launch of their upcoming clothing line that will be available for preorder on April 22.

Q: For the sake of the people, how do you pronounce UOYKCUF? Where did the name come from?

: We randomly decided to develop a clothing line out of Shandy's Twitter name. Some people will have a hard time trying to say it for the first time, understandably, but it's pronounced 'yoi-kuhf'. The brand name will end up being pronounced different ways regardless which is the interesting part. It will be interpreted different ways just as the designs on our clothing.

Q: What is UOYKCUF about?

A: UOYKCUF is about the ideas in art that has the capability and potential to impact others, whether it be their mood or their entire perspective on life. We know that art is one of the main ways to connect and relate to others, so through our designs we want to make others more open minded while introducing new, crazy ideas.

Q: What makes you different from every other clothing line?

A: What makes UOYKCUF different from other clothing lines is the specific thought process behind every design and the detailed artwork that creates a captivating visual. The images not only challenge the thinking process of the consumer but their views on life. We want our consumers to look at the art on a UOYKCUF shirt and get lost in the extreme detailing or just the overall piece of work itself. We know it will be hard for a few, but simple for those who really appreciate and admire unique artwork.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for the designs? What helps you think of them?

A: The biggest inspiration comes from thinking about an object or topic, zoning out, and seeing where that takes us. That approach has gotten us further than we thought in terms of thinking of crazy concepts. Apart from that, everything from society to personal experiences influence the designs. Sometimes random ideas come to us when we are going about our day, so we make note of them in our phones. Later, we further develop each concept into something we know our artist would turn into a one of a kind piece of work.

Q: Who are the artists behind the designs?

A: Mike Charles is the artist behind the majority of UOYKCUF's unique artwork. He has a passion for what he does and it shows through his work. He's always coming up with random new graphics that never fails to captivate people's attention. Mike blends all of our futuristic concepts with abstract urban art which is what makes his work an eye catcher.

Q: We noticed that UOYKCUF's logo is also a huge eye catcher. How did you guys come up with that?

A: Shandy: I was playing around with ideas in Photoshop one day and I came up with 5 different logos. We narrowed it down to the one that represented the brand the best; pleasing to the eye but holding many interpretations as to what it is exactly. We've gotten so many questions and comments regarding the symbol and it's meaning.

Q: What motivated you guys to start a clothing line if you didn't have plans to do so before? Did you expect to start a street wear line?

A: Greg: Shandy and Mike have wanted to design clothing for a while now, but I've been more focused on music. I never expected to start a clothing line but have always respected those who did just because it is a hustle. I thought I was going to be a studio engineer before creating UOYKCUF. I think I can speak for all of us when I say what motivated us to launch this brand is reaching for our future instead of waiting for it to arrive.

Q: Would you ever collaborate with other clothing lines sometime in the future?

A: Most definitely! Collaborating with another innovative clothing line to come up with products that are even more unique, would be great.

Q: Would UOYKCUF be considered a street wear line or will it cross over into other types of styles?

A: Although UOYKCUF is a street wear brand, it mixes different types of styles to bring something new to that industry. We are looking to change the standards and diversify the street wear industry as a whole. No one behind UOYKCUF is really stuck on one type of style so as the brand grows, the different style will reflect in the clothing and artwork.

Q: Are there any other plans for UOYKCUF that do not include clothing?

A: We plan on taking everything one day at a time. We will announce when future products are being introduced into the next line.

Q: Where can people purchase merchandise? Will it be in stores?

A: Our clothing can only be purchased on our website, which will be put out on our Twitter and Facebook around the 22nd. In year or two, UOYKCUF merchandise will be in different boutiques around the US.

To keep up with UOYKCUF info and news, visit their Facebook and Twitter pages:

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