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About JHarrisBeats: Jason Harris, aka JharrisBeats, is a 25-year-old music producer who resides in Silver Spring, MD. Jason’s love for music started at a very early age. In elementary school he casually indulged in playing several instruments such as, the drums, trombone and congas. Later on while in high school, a classmate and good friend by the name of Kaseam Muhammad introduced Jason to a beat making program called Fruity Loops. After being exposed to the program Jason never looked back. He realized, making soulful, heartfelt beats was his passion.

Jason loves how he can infuse his thoughts, spirit, and emotions into his music. As he made beats in his spare time Jason would allow his long-time friend, Boubacar Barry aka Bou, to hear them. After hearing a few of Jason’s beats, Bou soon discovered that he liked expressing himself lyrically through music. A producer and a rapper — a match made in heaven! After a couple more beats and raps together, Jason and Bou decided to join together to turn their passion into their profession. This epiphany propelled them to put together a couple of mixtapes; Jason produced nine tracks on Bou’s first mixtape, Rough Draft, and seven tracks on Bou’s second project Thesis.

In addition, Jason has also collaborated with other local artist from the DMV, to name a few, Shy Glizzy, Lightshow and Frank Diggy. He produced Dirty Game, My Brother on Shy Glizzy’s first mixtape Law and the Capital Hoops track. He also produced Lips Sealed on Lightshow’s mixtape Life Sentence. His childhood friend Franklin Amobi aka Frank Diggy, created a huge buzz in Maryland and became a well- known local talent. Jason and Diggy had plans on creating classic songs but everything came to a complete halt due to Frank Diggy’s unexpected death in December of 2012. Though saddened by the loss of a great friend and artist, Jason remained focused on perfecting his craft and delivering quality beats to local artists.

Jason has been motivated and influenced by industry producers, such as, Swizz Beatz, Pharrel and 9th Wonder. He see’s their success and music as nudges to keep perfecting his craft . One day he pictures himself reaching their level and pinnacles beyond his imagination. Ultimately, Jason understands that making his passion his profession will enable him to feed his family, travel the world, and will eventually become a stepping stone for other business endeavors.

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