About Johnaa': Johnaa’ (pronounced Ja-nay), is a lyricist and songwriter whose style exemplifies her experiences in relation to everyday life seen from a female perspective. Her theories and ideas about love, hope, struggles and pain are personified through her honest, rough-edged, metaphorical lyrics. Johnaa’s other talents include playing the piano, writing, dancing, acting and modeling.

As a young girl, Johnaa’ always had a love for music. Her parents noticed their little girl’s gift and enrolled her in piano lessons. But, her talents did not stop there. She began writing songs and poetry about her life and the lives of others around her. These talents combined make up the sounds and lyrics we hear within Johnaa’s music today. Johnaa’s dad, Paul Spruill, was very influential in her life. He instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in her. Along with her mom, Linda Spruill, both parents encouraged Johnaa’ to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Johnaa’ utilized the knowledge acquired in school coupled with the wisdom passed down by her parents to start PumpkinSeed Entertainment (PSE), LLC.

PSE is not only an entertainment company, but also a company that gives back to the community. Johnaa’s ultimate goal is to mentor young female artists. She wants to inspire them to pursue their goals, while staying true to themselves and being confident in their talents. Johnaa’ does not have anything against other female artists out here today. She wants to stay where she is comfortable: in HER lane. That’s what she plans to teach her future mentees.

Johnaa' was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 and has been heavily involved with efforts to find a cure, raise funds and bring awareness to this unpredictable disease. Johnaa’ has graced stages in Paris, France; Los Angeles, California; and Central Park, NY.

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