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About Judah:At the height of a movement, JUDAH’s role in pushing DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) music is capitol. Judah, the Washington, DC born and raised musician has built his stage and is constantly putting on a show. Developing as a football player in his adolescence and then going on to the professional level, it was by happen-stance that he realized he could make music. From the influence of a friend who produced music, the touch of the drum machine made magic for who is now making heads lean with an ear wanting to know “Who is JUDAH on the beat”…”and why does it sounds so…?” Coming up in the “Shrimpboat” sector of Northeast DC was perfect timing for JUDAH as he was able to experience the music of go-go artists like the Northeast Groovers and Chuck Brown along with classic hip-hop emcees like Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest. With his roots aligned with this hip-hop lineage, the self-mentored, self-branded producer has positioned himself to basically be one in high-demand---even without a deal. JUDAH has embraced the DMV to a point where he has humbly mentored numerous rising artists and producers, teaching them the ropes of the business and showing them how to make a stamp without the push from a huge label. The viewing of the documentary "DMV: Bridging the Gap," which was spawned from the organization of the historic DMV Hip-Hop Day photo, displayed his loyalty to the rise of hip-hop culture in his hometown. In the past, JUDAH has played the role of a vocal artist, pushing his popular hit "Sundresses and Sandals" which has gained international appeal and is spinning on FM radio stations as far as Tokyo, Japan. Still, the producer makes a grand impression in the industry with production for national artists such as Wale, Tabi Bonney, Stat Quo and Raheem Devaughn along with music collaborated with artist on Bad Boy and Koch Records. Recognition in some of urban music’s most notarized publications such as Complex Magazine keeps the 10-year self-starter in forward motion, constantly.

JUDAH lives and breathes a multi-faceted lifestyle as he not only produces, but his establishment of his moniker is the representation of unique sounds, propelling ingenious visuals and ultimate artist/venue collaborations. Recently signed to EMI Music Group, headquartered in London, the producer has found a place to rule, supremely. Now pushing works with Universal Indie, the established music maker continues to develop his sound that has as many dimensions as the surrounding universe. A leader not only by name, JUDAH is looking over territory that is proving to be very promising.

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