Kayo The God

Kayo The God


About Kayo The God: In an era saturated with one hit wonders and endless gimmicks, The style of Kayo the God's music is very refreshing. At first listen the hard hitting 808's and catchy hooks might seem to mirror the current trends in hip-hop. But as you continue to listen the clever lyrics and hidden messages are enough to catch the attention of everyone from D-Boys on the block to Ivy League scholars.

If his lyrical ability isn't enough, that's just the tip of the musical iceberg when it comes to Kayo The God. His skill as a producer is just as strong if not stronger than what he can do with a pen. His first mixtape "And It Begins" dropped December 15, 2010 and was mostly produced by Kayo himself. Now accompanied by his younger brother, Kartell, their 1RK Productions brand is solid as ever. And being backed by the Tampa based independent Pnuemoni Records Kayo now has the platform to launch a long lasting career in this business.

Born in Washington DC and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, Kayo's experiences growing up gave him a huge variety of things to write about. And the 7 years he spent living in Florida allows him to produce anything from trunk rattling club bangers to soft melodic R&B songs. The mixture of the DMV and southern cultures are what really make his sound unique. From the first time he picked up a pen at age 9, or the first beat he made at 13, Kayo The God has always been completely focused on creating quality music.

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