LOGIC - Young Sinatra 4

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Logic "YSIV (Young Sinatra 4)" Album

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About Album: Over three mixtapes, Logic's alter ego, Young Sinatra, allowed the Maryland MC to indulge in his deepest boom-bap fantasies, embracing the lyrical grace and raw beats of rap's vaunted late-'80s/early-'90s golden era. YSIV, his fourth under the Young Sinatra moniker, continues the theme, flowing over Incredible Bongo Band breaks on “100 Miles and Running” and giving Nas and AZ's “Life's a Bitch” chorus new life on “YSIV.” “ICONIC” and “The Return” find Logic hungrily attacking the tracks, showing off his rapid-fire dexterity. Old-school heads will salute him for assembling the entire Wu-Tang Clan (Jackpot Scotty Wotty fills in for the late ODB) on “Wu Tang Forever.” And, this being a Logic joint, there’s lots of philosophizing, too, especially about self-identity, dreams, and gratefulness (“One Day,” “The Glorious Five,” “Thank You,” “Legacy”). At various times during YSIV, Logic swears this is his last Young Sinatra album. It’d be easier to believe if he wasn’t having so much fun.

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