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Logic "Under Pressure" Album

About Album: Logic has spent most of the past year on the road, and has finally linked up with Hit-Boy and No I.D. to put together his proper debut on Def Jam. This one, is introspective and vivid, and he paints pictures where he grew up. It is literally the sound of Logic. He has recorded over 17,000 songs in 9 years, which is an insane number... to date he has released over 150 songs for free. Logic has invested half a million dollars of his own money into this album. The album is not only incredible as far as the music goes, but kicking out a few bucks for an artist that has given us so much for free is the least anyone can do.

"Under Pressure" is much darker than his previous work and features some very harrowing details about Logic's troubled upbringing on songs like "Gang Related" and lead single "Under Pressure". The album features no guest versesó except for the ones on the bonus tracks ó and is mostly produced by Logic's in-house producer 6ix and Logic himself, but also features beats from producers like DJ Dahi and S1. It's also narrated by a voice named Thalia who pops up between songs to reveal tidbits about the albumóan homage to A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders.

The album is along the lines of good kid, m.A.A.d City more than anything else because itís a dark story, thatís just what it is. Logic says ďI could have went one or two ways on this album. I could have went radio, because I know I have the talent, and make it a fun record. My fans are not going to be prepared for the story Iím about to tell them, and theyíre not going to be prepared for the sonics theyíre going to hear because itís like nothing Iíve ever done before. But itís the hip-hop theyíre going to want, theyíre going to love the subject matter. Iíve had people go, ĎOh itís dark, but it's not that dark,í and others go, ĎItís pretty dark.í The stories are fucked up and crazy. I donít know, man, thatís what came out, thatís what I wrote, thatís what I felt. The great thing is I have this feeling that I got a lot off my chest.Ē

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