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Lumi Nation "Da Doubt Is Fuel" Mixtape

About Mixtape: There is no doubt about it. Willie Waze is the underdog. This artist has chosen to stay true to what feels right rather fall in line with short lived trends. At the heart of himself he is a prolific lyricist, inspired by classic wordsmiths that spit knowledge. While others scramble to stay relevant Waze not only stands firmly in the assurance of his rhyming abilities but has now created an outlet for other artists to shine with his series of Lumi Nation mixtapes.

Influenced by rap at the tender age of five, he fondly recalls rhyming along to the Bone Thugs and Harmony East 1999 album on a Fisher Price boom box with a microphone attachment in his room. He practiced the cadence and inflection. He perfected the words. While the average young boy was enthralled with action figures and toy cars Waze’s passion for real Hip-Hop grew and blossomed into a talent that would change the course of his life.

His love for Hip Hop music grew naturally but it became therapeutic when his single father enrolled him private school at 10 years old for better educational opportunities. “Coming from a humble background and being around a bunch of rich folks in private school often had me feeling like a black sheep.” said Waze. School assignments involving poetry gave him the opportunity to create verses. His talent gained recognition from his teachers and peers. An activity that was once just for fun became a foreshadowing of his future.

While studying the nation of Gods and Earths and earning his degree in audio engineering he came across an artist named Born Infinite. The alliance seemed to be kindred. Born Infinite was rhyming verses about awareness and enlightenment, subject matter that Waze actively sought out. After many studio sessions and countless songs the two aligned with a third lyricist named Macguyver and became the administration of G&D New Sinatra LLC.

This alignment helped to open doors for Waze to showcase his talents in bigger arenas and collaborate with skilled producers and other MCs. The exposure he gained highlighting his raw and innate talents now polished with practice and experience, afforded him the opportunities to perform at venues such asThe Howard Theater, Broccoli City Festival 2015 and The Fillmore Silver Spring. More importantly he gained the respect and notoriety to create an outlet for his rapper peers to showcase their talents collectively.

Waze has a few albums available on, SoundCloud, BandCamp and in physical distribution entitled Early Certainty, Early Certainty 1.7 and The Lumi Nation Mixtape executive produced by Waze and Macguyver.

The Lumi Nation Mixtape has features from great local artists such as: Willie Waze, MacGuyver, Born I Music, Digaveli, Fleetwood Deville, Rahiem Supreme, Kingpen Slim, Milli, Big KA$H, Will Po, Dugee F Buller, Sketch McGuiney, and more mixed in with heavy features from New York and New Jersey legends Cormega and The Outlawz. Production includes songs by Beats Maravich, Large Professor, Made by Zoe, DcSoulPlusMind, J-Scrilla, Casito Del Fresco, Innerloop Beats, Big KA$H, Imphamous Amadeuz, and Kel and BLVCK. Fans of true Hip-Hop should be on the lookout for the third solo album from the young MC entitled Lexicon of a NOVA Soldier coming soon.

Waze’s hard work and dedication to his craft continues to propel him into a lane of success and positive recognition. More importantly Waze strives to give his listeners the feelings he experienced when he first heard the Hip-Hop heavy hitters he idolized as a child. Lucky for his audience his content is intelligent, bold and instills a feeling of nostalgia for the good old days in the rap game. Keep your eye on this rising star as he comprises the second installment in the Lumi Nation mixtape series. By: Ambre 'MzGreenEyez' Tomlinson (@MissGreenEyez)

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