About LX: LX, (real name, Elijah Harvey born in Landstuhl, Germany- Washington, DC raised) is a self taught multi-instrumentalist artist known for his signature blend of rock into modern hip hop. LX stands for “Living in X-zile (exile)” He has gained national AND international attention and exposure for his “out of the box” songwriting and production.

As a teenager he had a group called "Warpath" whom he grew up with. They did talent shows, rap battles and various contests. During his college years, he stepped away from the group to find himself and to learn new instruments such as guitar and bass and genres outside of hip-hop and R&B (Such as rock, Dance, Techno and Pop). In that time, he also composed a indie solo album called Eternity: The Rebirth focusing on his personal life and growth. He most recently released an album called, "Rockstar Killa" which Features guests such as DJ Dirty Rico, Mya, Pro'verb, Don Juan, Wordsmith, Kevin Ross, Shae Williams, and David Correy.

Currently LX is back in the studio working on his UK Release EP, "Eternity: Not of This World to show his different sides, style and moods. He currently has songs spinning in parts of The UK, Korea, Japan, Germany and the Philippines. He is widely known for his innovative sound and his drive to be the best he can be in any genre he decides to study. LX has worked for and with famous labels such as Def Jam, Universal, Columbia and Interscope Records. He has also produced music/projects for UGK (Underground Kings), DTP (Disturbing the Peace), Slip N Slide, Flipmode/Deep Freeze, Interscope Records, Rostrum Records, Wale, Don Juan, Mya, Nappy Roots, David Correy, Boaz, Wordsmith, Kevin Ross and other national/international artists. He has also co-produced/starred in commercials as well as worked on a few indie movie soundtracks. He has had a career widely recognized for his "Left Field" Production and has been a 2x nominated Best Producer DMV award, Southern Entertainment (SEA) award winner (Pursuit of Nappiness- Nappy Roots) and most recently submitted for a Grammy Nomination in 2014.

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