Marion Barry's Son Arrested on PCP Charges

Marion Barry's Son Arrested on PCP Charges
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) --The son of council member and former DC mayor Marion Barry, Marion Christopher Barry, was arrested in connection to drug charges, according to charging documents released today.

Marion Christopher Barry was involved in some kind of domestic dispute when police showed up at his door on May 28th, the documents said.

Police could hear a loud dispute, with cursing and yelling coming from the inside of the house at 4337 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SW, DC.

When police knocked on the door, the arguing stopped and no one was responding to their requests to open the door. That's when the police called the fire department to gain access to the home, according to the documents.

When they got into the residence, the found Barry in the house near a table with drugs on it, according to the documents. That's when Barry jumped out of the window and tried to escape, the documents said. Police arrested him shortly afterward.

"In an ounce vial, approximately three quarters full of a liquid with a strong chemical odor was located on top of a table in plain sight. The undersigned, through his experience with this odor and the liquid's packaging, has probable cause to believe that the liquid is PCP," the documents stated.

Barry was released and awaits his court date.

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