MARVILLOUS BEATS - Classical Hustle

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Marvillous Beats "Classical Hustle" Album

About Album: This album mixes Marvillous Beats' love for classical music and hip-hop music. The cover art has many meanings. It depicts a comic of his first white electric violin personified as himself making a beat on his midi controller with his headphones on. The pose of the character was inspired by a picture of DJ Premier who is one of his favorite producers. The movement of the character was inspired by the eclectic jazz cover art of the great Roy Hussen best known for his work with Pierre Rampal. The color purple for the background to represent for his hometown New Rochelle, NY. The title is exactly who Marvillous Beats is and what he does. He subscribes to the "classical hustle" lifestyle (pun intended). Coming up in the DMV, he started making beats in his mother's basement. He then began playing violin in '99 as an 8 year old. He has been through adversity and is grateful that so far he has triumphed over all obstacles. The image and this title mean a lot to him and hopefully the music will mean a lot to the fans and supporters of the project as well.

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