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Marc 2Ray
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About Marc 2Ray: Marc 2Ray is a rising Hip Hop artist breathing fresh air into the genre. Raised in a family of musicians and music lovers, Marc's exposure to music at a young age quickly developed into an appreciation of all genres. Hip Hop became Marc's passion above all, leading him to pursue the craft after high school. His music combines classic lyrical substance as heard in the '90s's meshed with genres like Trap, House, Dubstep, and EDM. The elements of consciousness in his music and relating songs to daily life has helped Marc expand his fan base out of normal Hip Hop circles. Away from music, Marc 2Ray stays true to his lyrics as he works as a therapist for children with autism.

Hip Hop is Marc 2Ray's passion and also a medium for relaying meaningful songs to his fans. With an eye catching stage presence, his live performances linger in audience members' minds long after the show is done. Marc 2Ray is an artist striving to show there is more to Hip Hop than meets the eye. With drive, passion and a devotion to Hip Hop excellence, Marc 2Ray is an artist worth one's time and investment.

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