Marc 2Ray "1915"

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Marc 2Ray "1915" Lyric Video

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About Track: Marc 2Ray's song, "1915" is about the Armenian Genocide. As the grandson of a survivor, Marc draws inspiration from his family's escape from this crime against humanity in which 1.5 million Armenians perished. The song begins with the Armenian Genocide and the 100 year long cover up attempt made by the perpetrators, The Ottoman Empire, or modern day Turkey. Marc then connects the dots to Hitler drawing motivation from the Armenian Genocide to be used as a model for The Holocaust. In addition Marc touches on some of the other 20th century genocides that take place from Rwanda, Darfur, Cambodia, and others that have distinct similarities to the Armenian Genocide. The song ends with a message to Turkey and a path to reconciliation. Working with the highly acclaimed producer, Godfather, and a talented singer, Miriam, the song's message of hope in the face or persecution speaks to all who listen. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Calin at District Sound Lab.

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