Mic Lungz

Mic Lungz


About Mic Lungz: Born in Washington D.C. to two Dominican immigrant parents, Mic Lungz is a Hip Hop artist who learned early about pain, struggle and sacrifice. His parents migrated from Washington D.C. to Maryland during his early adolescent years, and from then on this was and still is what he calls home. Growing up during the Golden Age of Hip Hop, music was a gigantic influence on his life. From watching movies like Breakin and Beat Street, B-Boying (Breakdancing) was his first real introduction into the realms of Hip Hop. He always dreamed of being a MC after seeing his favorite artist on episodes of Yo MTV Raps and Rap City.

During his late teens he along with 4 of his childhood friends formed a Rap group called Rugged Soulz. Performing in neighborhood parites and open mic's, this is where he realized that there was nothing else that he wanted to do with his life but be an MC. The group eventually dwindled down to only two members, but this is when they both learned and mastered the art of song structure and recording. The group did go on to release 3 highly succesful projects 2009 The Grand Opening, 2010 Terminally ill, and 2011 The Fast & Delirious Tokyo Spliff.

Personal issues and family obligations in 2012 led Mic Lungz on a path to a solo career that he never envisioned himself having. With a full recording studio and a hard drive full of instrumentals he set out on recording his first solo project Concrete Heart. Released in December of 2012 Concrete Heart went above and beyond all expectations that he had for this endeavor. The following year he released his 2nd solo album Money And Memories which by all means was his most intimate self reflecting project to date. After performing at some of the largest and respected venues in the DMV his main objective was to get more exposure by doing more out of state shows. Having successfully rocked shows at the Legendary SOB's in New York City, The Warfield in San Francisco, and SXSW in Austin he keeps striving and improving on trying to be the best.

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