Mixtape Review: Pinky KillaCorn "KillaCorn 3.5"

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Pinky Killacorn has built a reputation as an artist that will grab your attention. Her new "3.5" mixtape has created quite the buzz in the city. Peaked interest due to her new body of work has supporters of her music and followers of the Hippie Life Krew wondering what inspired the Uptown cherry bomb with the electric vibe.

Killacorn 3.5 was named in gram weight for the recent legalization of herb and is just the first in a long series to come. Pinky hopes her sound and national legalization will race each other spreading across the country. The tape derives its unique sound from dope mixing and production by House Studios’ David Knocks as well as beats by SB Low Key and the E.A.L.U mastermind Aleem “AB the Producer” Bilal. As chief producer on this project as well as many other songs in Pinky’s catalog, AB the Producer melded Hip-Hop, Trance and R&B to create the perfect trifecta of sultry, high-energy and fun tunes for the young artist.

Each song conveys a different feeling Pinky was going through while she was recording. The result is a mixtape you need just as much as you need bamboo, funnel and a lighter to begin the cypher. She wants her audience to hear her growth, artist development and individuality when they hear her music. Pinky shares messages of self-esteem, love, pride and coming into your own. She wants listeners to know it is ok to be yourself, reflecting how you feel, smoke herb (If you are of age to do so) and have fun.

Though this whole project depicts different pieces that make Pinky Killacorn who she is her favorite track on the tape is “Facetime” because it touches on some of the deeper emotions in her heart. The tape is now available on Spinrilla for free download so go get it ASAP. The shining lyricist has truly done it again and left us with a genuine and quality project.
By: Ambre 'MzGreenEyez' Tomlinson (@MissGreenEyez)

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