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Muggsy Malone "TPK EP" Mixtape

About "TPK EP" Mixtape: This is a precursor to a bigger project but it serves to tide over fans until Mr. Malone drops his album. This EP is really dope and showcases yet another talented emcee from the DMV, which really has come to the forefront of hip hop in the last couple of years. Every track on here is noteworthy. Thereís no reason to hit the button on this joint, you can enjoy it all the way through.

As always, I have a few favorites on the EP. Canít Let You All Catch Me is a legit banger as Tight Mike laces some DMV boom bap while Muggsy Malone is intent on staying ahead of his contemporaries and competition in this game. The flow that Muggsy Malone takes with him on this track is phenomenal. He speaks on all the ills, pitfalls, and snakes in the grass. Every bar on this joint could be a quotable. He is relentless.

Guardian Angel is a song that anyone who has lost a parental figure can feel. Bigg Vicc cooks up a soulful, yet uptempo backdrop, but Muggsy Malone continues to drop his thoughts at intense pace. He reflects on how his motherís passing effected him in his childhood and in his adulthood. This song just gave me chills as I hear the man tell his story. This is an opportunity for us, as fanís, to walk in the shoes of our favorite artists, if only for a few minutes. It is a very powerful joint.

At the end of the EP we have the track, Somewhere To Be At. The producer, Infamous, does an interesting rendition of Coolioís, Gangsta Paradise. Itís a cool joint. The work done to alter the vocal sample as Muggy spits his bars brings a smile to my face. Speaking of those barsÖdamnÖthe manís flow just doesnít quit. He brings it on every verse regardless of tempo, sample, or beat. Donít waste his time, because this artist is going places.

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