My Block

Item# myblock

For the block boy, take it rough...

[Scarface] Everyday it has been the same old thang on my block Ya either workin or ya slangin cocaine on my block Ya had to hustle, cuz that is how we was raised on my block And ya stayed on ya hop till ya made you a knot On my block, to hangout was the thang back then And even when ya left out, ya came back in To my block, from Holloway, Belfort, to Scott from Reed rooad, to flocks we load the spots Sold weed & rocks, drink all the blue dots On yo´ block you probably breed a Fat Pat of Tupac Or Big Pun, or B.I., ya homeboys from knee-high And even when it was stormin outside, that nigga´d be by That is me dawg, on my block, I aint have to play the big shot Niggaz knew me back when I was stealin beer from Shamrock And my nickname was Creepy, if Black June could see me He would be, trippin - & I would bet he still try to tease me

[Chorus] My block - where everything´s everything fa sheezy My block - we probably done it all homey believe me My block - we made the impossible look easy, fa sheezy My block - I would never leave my block, my niggaz need me

[Scarface] On my block, we duck the nigga-haters & the cops F*ck a I roc, we race Impalas, chromed-out

On my block - it aint no different than the next block Ya get drunk & pass out, & they back ya to the house And when you wake up on the couch you goin right back at it On my block when ya that f*cked up they laugh at it On my block, it is just another day in the heart of the Southside of Houston Texas, makin ya mark On my block, we are cueing all the time, playin dominoes Keep the swishers sweet down till my mama goes back inside -- then we can fire Pass it around a few times to get high

[Chorus] - 2X

[Scarface] On my block, everybody business aint ya business What´s goin on in this house is stayin here, comprende? On my block, ya had to have that understanding Cuz if ya told Ms. Mattie, she went & told Gladys And when punchymama got it, it was all on the wire And when the word got back, the set yo´ ass on fire On my block, we got some Nam vets shell-shocked Who never quite got right, now they inhale rocks On my block - it is like the world don´t exist We stay confined to this small little section we livin Oh my block, I´dn´t trade it for the world cuz I love these ghetto boys & girls born & raised, on my block... ...

[Chorus] - 2X

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