GoldLink Announces Partnership with Rick Rubin

News: GoldLink Announces Partnership with Rick Rubin
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Earlier this year, GoldLink shared some handwritten notes that detailed some of the highlights of his very young career so far. In one of those notes, he recalls meeting Rick Rubin:

“Meeting Rick Rubin… It’s hard for an experience to feel anything besides surreal when you walk in to the room where Yeezus was engineered, with the man who executive produced it. When it boils down to it, Rick is a fan of forward thinking music, and for him to be in to my music so early is just an honor. Hopefully we get to work.”

Now, GoldLink shares the big news. His hopes came true, and he and Rick Rubin are now working together. “GoldLink connects progressive rap styles with cutting edge dance music,” Rick says. “He bridges the electronic DJ culture with hip hop in a way we haven’t heard before.” - pigeonsandplanes

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