Jay IDK: King Trappy of the HXLY Tribe

News: Jay IDK: King Trappy of the HXLY Tribe
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The music industry has always displayed the rise of the ambitious youth. The original dream was to derive recognition from a major parent company and be signed. Getting “signed” as an artist was the epitome of “making it” as far as early entertainment standards were concerned but as the world grows and changes so does the hunger of its inhabitants.

Independent labels have sprouted and made room for the multi-talented individuals that have decided to gain their own recognition in the industry making the term “in-house” their strongest marketing tool. “I think outside of the box so I don’t get trapped in one.” said Jay IDK calmly. He had developed a fool proof plan, providing a dope sound with thought provoking lyrics explaining a game that peaks the curiosity of many. He took trap music and pushed it a step further. Now Jay IDK supported by his #HXLYTribe nation of followers, is steadily rising to the lime light with the introduction of his new album entitled Sub Trap.

Jay IDK, born in England but raised as a DMV native in Glendale Maryland, began his creative process as a release from the restrictions of prison. He began crafting his clever lyrics when he wasn’t tutoring or barbering. His honest articulations of the reality of “trapping” gained respect and positive feedback from fellow inmates. He had created his first loyal fan base.

His subject matter prides itself in displaying the drug game just as it is, a cyclical pattern of decisions leading to major repercussions. His bars consist of the raw and uncensored truth many know but find trouble expressing. He aspires to be a vocal platform for those who do not have one.

Despite the initial music industry uncertainties and frustrations Jay IDK has relied solidly on his rap abilities and his undeniable talents have gained him major recognition from some of the entertainment industry’s major Hip-Hop snobs. He chose to use his emotions to increase the richness of his lyrical content on his freshman album Sub Trap and step outside of bounds on records like “God Said Trap” and “The Bio Student (Chris)”. Coupled with ill bass-heavy production the sound awakens the senses and hits in the chest.

Living by the unconventional mantra “Fantasy without reality is insanity.” Jay IDK interprets this to mean, “If you have a dream in your mind, no matter how crazy it seems, it is only crazy to never make it happen.” The past three years have changed the entire course of his life but the most exciting moments have been watching that change, seeing his wishes come true and realizing, “Yes, I am good enough to become one of the best.” said Jay IDK. Next up in his slew of heavy-hitting singles is his song “Metro”, which he just dropped a new video for too.

By: Ambre 'MzGreenEyez' Tomlinson (@MissGreenEyez)

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