Logic Says He’s “Arguably” the Biggest Rapper from the DMV

News: Logic Says He’s “Arguably” the Biggest Rapper from the DMV
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In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Logic was asked by writer Al Shipley about his rise to fame, specifically, coming from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and how moving to Southern California has affected his career.

Logic answers Shipley's question honestly, revealing that he wasn't initially accepted by his own backyard, before unsolicitedly yet respectfully anointing himself as the biggest rapper from the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia).

From Logic: "I wasn't accepted in the DMV, period. They were like, "Oh, this white boy, you suck, you're wack." There were a few, though, don't get me wrong, there were awesome people who did support me and did love me. I always have to love and respect and shout out home, but need to go out into the real world. And I went out into the real world, dude, and they hated me just as much. But I did it anyway. And now, arguably and respectfully, I'm arguably the biggest rapper from back home. Once again, arguably: You have people like Wale and Phil Ade, all these incredible artists that inspired me to get to where I am today."

So, is Logic right? Is he currently the biggest—note, he didn't say "best," which is a subjective term—rapper from his hometown?

In a weird twist of fate, Logic and Wale—the only two emcees in the current conversation for the DMV crown—released Everybody and SHINE, respectively, on back-to-back Fridays. While Logic's new album is projected to sell close to 250k SPS equivalent album units in its first week, Wale's fifth solo album managed to accrue only 25k SPS units in the same time frame. Point goes to Logic.

While first-week sales are usually an accurate indication of popularity, i.e. determining what artist is "bigger" than another, the most appropriate measurement in 2017 is purely streaming. On Spotify, the only on-demand streaming service that makes its data available to the public, Logic has already tallied over one billion streams and currently boasts 9.7M monthly listeners, which ranks him as the 115th most popular artist in the world. Wale averages 8.5M monthly listeners, which places him at No. 153. Again, another point to Logic.

Last February, in an interview with Peter Parker, Logic credited Wale for opening the door for DMV rappers, himself included. However, just like Kanye West, who not only influenced Chance The Rapper but also opened the industry's proverbial door for Chance to break out in Chicago, sometimes the person who opens the door for others is quite often stuck holding the door in their own city. - djbooth - 5/13/17

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